As a father, it is your responsibility to stand in that role for your sons and daughters. Weak and mediocre men expect more from their children than themselves.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard and even tried to say to myself: "this is good enough,” “I deserve a break," "I deserve to be comfortable,” or "they won't know the difference.”

Your kids deserve a role model who will give them a threshold of excellence that’s seemingly unattainable. Your wife deserves a man who gives her unwavering confidence that she's safe and protected.

Walking around proud of your fucking Dad Bod doesn’t give that to them. Excuses don't give that to them. Mental weakness doesn't give that to them.

And you're a fool if you don't think the seat you have as the leader in your home can't be taken.

A woman’s primary instinct is survival – if you don’t make her confident in your ability to ensure that survival, believe she’ll find someone who does.

You’re not the woman asking if you look fat in that dress, brother. Stop expecting her to validate your shortcomings because you don’t have the balls to step into your role as a leader and do what needs to be done to be proud of the man you see in the mirror.

If your wife encourages you to be fat, out of shape, overweight, or anything less than you have the potential to be, it’s because she wants to feel more secure in her place of mediocre comfort.

If you want to become a man of confidence, you must lead as that man of confidence.

You’re failing as a leader if you say you want your children to grow up healthy and strong while you skip out on the gym and find every excuse to double-fist your McDonald’s cheeseburger and extra-large cancer water.

You’re failing as a leader if you want your wife to stay hot, tight, and healthy, sexy in her lingerie while you stand before her at the foot of your bed naked, slumped over like a hairless orangutan.

We see it consistently on social media, weak, beta man-boys looking for every opportunity to criticize others about their physique, appearance, or lifestyle while sitting in their mom’s basement looking like busted cans of biscuits.

That is not masculinity. That is not leadership.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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