What is discipline?

Here’s excerpt from my new book that speaks a bit on the subject:

To me, discipline is choosing to act consistently with your core values - even when it’s difficult.

When you lack discipline, and there is a gap between what you believe is right in your core values and your actions, you will also struggle with confidence and self-worth.

Discipline and integrity work hand in hand – Integrity comes down to being honest with yourself about what values you wish to align your life with, and discipline comes down to having the self-control, foresight, and fortitude to live consistently in those values, even when it’s difficult.

When you have the integrity to stand before yourself and the world as the most authentic version of you and the discipline to live consistently in alignment with that vision, you never have a shortage of happiness, fulfillment, confidence, or success in your life.

I’m usually the guy who says fuck self-love, and this trend in society where people are throwing that term around to excuse their shitty decisions is precisely why I say that.

However, realize that there is a version of your authentic self at your core. This version of you is the voice that speaks to you all day long, sometimes called your conscience.

That voice acts as an internal guide who helps you decide between right and wrong. Your conscience’s sense of right and wrong comes from your core values and the beliefs you have come to accept as true.

When you do what your conscience tells you is right, you feel proud. When you do what your conscience tells you is wrong, you feel ashamed or guilty.

So, discipline comes down to consistently aligning your actions with what you know is right, despite the distractions, obstacles, predicaments, or challenges you face.

This is what actual self-love means. You value your relationship with yourself so much that you’re unwilling to compromise that relationship by acting outside the scope of what you believe is right.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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