This is an unpopular opinion and a hard fuckng pill to swallow for many men.

Toxic femininity does not exist.

Do you know what this really is?

And I'm sure many of you men out there may be falling victim to this or have in the past.

Women who think it's appropriate to show up like this in relationships have been taught that they can.

By beta cuck men who don't have the balls to stand in their masculine power.

They fail to create boundaries, respect and honor themselves, or lead the way they should be leading as men in their homes.

I get it, most men today grew up without fathers, raised by women, and taught that they needed to go out and find another mommy instead of a wife.

They grew up being taught how they're supposed to treat women but not how they should expect to be treated.

They weren't taught to create boundaries.
Constantly looking for a woman to validate their insecurities.

Just like most women grow up learning how they should expect to be treated but not how they should treat men.
It's not your fault.

But I'll be real with you brother, a woman will NEVER treat their man like this if she truly respects him.
That respect is earned - it's also rented.

Her priority is survival. Not you.

So, for as long as you show up as a man who deserves that respect and you stand in your role as the masculine leader you're meant to, she won't think twice about behaving this way.

How do I know?

I spent 10 years married thinking this was normal and after my divorce, I was devastated because I was convinced I wasn't good enough.

Now I have a wife who wouldn't fucking think twice about acting like these foolish women.

Because I don't give her a reason or the opportunity to.
And guess what, she feels more safe & secure than she ever did.

And I say that confidently because I put in the fkn work to deserve that from her.

Stand in your power, bro.

Don't be a cuck.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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