The concept of toxic masculinity is often unfairly attributed to the wrong group of individuals.

It certainly is not the case that those men who take care of themselves, retain their inner strength and exude confidence that are toxic.

Rather, it is those insecure online bullies, who spew abuse and malice out of their sense of insignificance, that are responsible for creating the misconception that all men are bad.

Did you know that 43% of boys grow up with single mothers?

As it stands, 78% of public school teachers are female, which means that approximately 50% of boys receive a 100% feminine influence at home and have an 80% chance of having a 100% feminine influence in school.

Therefore, the problem lies not with toxic masculinity, but rather with the scarcity of masculinity.

We are presently in dire need of men to step up and lead, and it's about time you take hold of that role.

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