The easiest way to make a change?
As people, we naturally have a tendency to over complicate things.
Because if it seems super complicated, there are more justifiable reasons and excuses to not start, follow through, or succeed.
Another thing that over complicating your goals and problems does is create more stress and anxiety. If you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, this additional stress will make those tasks even more difficult to accomplish.
The funny thing - look back at the time when you were just starting something that you’re now well practiced at. Did you know what you were doing or have a concise plan for becoming good at it?
Nope, you just figured it out as you went.

You WANTED to be good at it so you did it anyway.
So if you WANT to make a change, you’ll just do it. No excuses. No over complicating. Just action.
You’re actually ahead of the curve here too! Because you have someone here to give you the tools, lessons, and experience served on a silver platter.
Consider that the ONLY shortcut you’ll get when starting on your path to change.
The rest of your result are going to cost you - and the only acceptable currency is discipline and sweat.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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