Anxiety: A Healthy Emotion

Anxiety: A Healthy Emotion

Have you ever thought of anxiety as a healthy emotion? You may wonder how anxiety, which is generally considered to be a negative feeling, could be classified as a healthy emotion. But, if you think about it, anxiety is an indication that you have a healthy amount of fear.

The problem arises when anxiety overtakes you, which is often because you are not facing that fear. This is a common phenomenon that most of us experience when we face situations that intimidate us or make us feel uncomfortable.

However, as individuals, we must learn to identify and understand what is happening with us mentally. It is our emotional intelligence that enables us to comprehend the reasons behind such emotions. We need to address those emotions in a way that aligns with our hearts, minds and with what God is telling us to do with our lives.

Mental health issues are a concern for many people, and one of the reasons people struggle with these issues is because they ignore the indicators that are occurring within them. All an emotion is, is a bodily response to the world around you. Therefore, understanding our emotions and how to manage them is vital.

The goal here is to achieve a degree of stoicism where you create a barrier between the emotions or the stimulus that’s occurring and how you respond to it. Stoicism involves living according to reason and virtue, eliminating negative emotions like anger, fear and anxiety. It’s not about ignoring your emotions, but being aware of them and responding to them in the best way possible.

Instead of labeling our emotions, we need to learn to accept them and deal with them positively. Often, it’s about facing your fears and finding solutions to the issues that cause anxiety.

In conclusion, it’s essential to understand how emotions work and how they relate to our mental health. Anxiety can be classified as a healthy emotion, and we need to address it positively instead of ignoring it. Try to adopt a degree of stoicism to prevent your emotions from overpowering you. Accept your emotions, learn from them and live according to reason and virtue.

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