Success doesn't come from waiting for the "perfect opportunity."
It comes from creating your opportunities and making them happen.
We all know the feeling of wanting more but being stuck in a holding pattern of inaction.
Don't wait for people to notice you.
You can choose the easy path now, and you will have a hard life later.
Or you can choose the hard path now and create an easy life for yourself and your loved ones.
In a world full of instant gratification, short-term results, and overnight millionaires, don't be like everyone else by choosing the easy path.
Then sit and play victim later because you didn't get the reward.
Success requires effort and sacrifice.
It requires being uncomfortable.
It requires pain.
It requires fear.
It requires courage.
But that's the price you have to pay to become who you truly want to be.
It's not enough to simply be who you are today.
To earn the things you want, you must strive to become a better person.
Don't believe the lie that you are already good enough because the truth is, you haven't yet earned what you desire.
Quit lying to yourself, quit waiting, and make shit happen.
- Josh

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