Are you sacrificing or investing?

Many men convince themselves that they have to make sacrifices so they can do the things they must to invest in their personal growth and well-being.

The Truth?

They use the word sacrifice to paint themselves as martyrs, by cutting out the things that they should be doing as men, leaders, fathers, and husbands in exchange for the comforts of the world they live in.

I've been there, living in a world where I chose comfort over discipline, convincing myself that I didn't have time, energy, or motivation to make the time for my mental and physical health.

Because of that choice, I gained weight, felt less fulfilled, grew complacent with my job and my relationship, and ultimately fell into a spiral of depression that made it even more difficult to dig myself out of.

Brother, you're not sacrificing anything by spending the time to improve yourself.

You're investing.

You're leading as an example, showing your family what right looks like - not leading your life from the sideline.

You're not a martyr you're a man living in a world full of weak men who try to normalize complacency and weakness.

You should be investing, practicing discipline, and choosing struggle over comfort.

That's how you create the life you have convinced yourself is so far out of reach.

So, are you really sacrificing?

Changing how you choose to perceive those choices will greatly affect your motivation to stay consistent and build discipline.

Time to start investing in the life you want to create and being the man your family deserves.


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