You've been telling yourself you've tried everything to reach your goals. But let's be brutally honest here. You've tried everything that's convenient. When it creates any degree of hardship, you throw in the towel. You see, most men are consistent. But instead of consistently creating solutions, Consistently sacrificing their safe, comfortable, easy lives, they're consistently making excuses, consistently procrastinating, consistently choosing comfort over growth. Here's the hard truth: Your words don't create your outcomes; your actions do. You want to build a life outside of mediocrity? Then you need to develop habits consistent with the man who lives that life. You need to be disciplined enough to do those things, even when you don't see immediate results. You want to build confidence? Integrity is key. Be proud of the man you see in the mirror and do the hard shit that you know you've been called to do. So, if you're tired of making excuses, if you're tired of quitting when things get hard, it's time to make a change. Stop looking for the easy way out. Stop telling yourself you've tried everything when you've only tried the things that are comfortable. If you truly want it, you'll find a solution, not an excuse. Remember, gents, your actions create your outcomes

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