Stop borrowing confidence.
There's a secret conversation that happens inside of every man's head.
What will they think?
Let me provide some context before I explain.
First, I get it that most of us stomp around the world saying we don't care what others think - deep down we know it's a lie.
Why did you buy a nice vehicle for your wife? Or buy her the big ring? or the flowers?
You wanted her affection, you wanted her friends to view you as a good husband. You wanted other men to see what she had the way they knew they couldn't compete.
Why did you buy the nice truck for yourself?
You use it for work, sure - how are other men going to view you when you drive around the nicest truck? You'll be seen as successful. It gives you status. You want to be proud when people look at you.
Why did you buy the boat?
Nothing feels better than having the nice truck, the hot wife, pulling the nice boat. Then having your friends want to be around you because you're the guy with the boat.
Deep down, we as men want to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. A lot of that pride comes from the way we think the rest of the world views us.
The nicest watch, the nicest tools, the nicest boots, the big house, the nice TV. The cars, the widgets your kids have.
We're borrowing the confidence these things give us.
But at the end of the day what happens?
We have to take it all off and stand naked at the foot of our bed in front of our wives as the truest version of ourselves.
With no confidence to borrow - that's when the truest fears come out. The insecurities, the shortcomings, the shit you try so hard to forget when you put that mask on in the morning.
I know man, it stings a bit to read this because I know for a fact there's a part of you that this is true for.
But let me teach you something.
When you learn to be proud of yourself, appreciate yourself, and pay the dues necessary to earn that true confidence - that's when you're free.
Not a single motherfucker can take that from you.
So, let me ask you...
When are you going to stop borrowing that confidence and start earning it?

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

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