You've been told a lie. A lie that's been passed down from generation to generation. A lie that's been holding you back from reaching your full potential. The lie? That being selfless is about putting others before yourself. That's not selflessness. That's self-sabotage. You see, to truly serve others, you must first serve yourself. You must invest in your growth, your development, your well-being. You must become the best version of yourself. Only then can you truly make a difference in others' lives. Only then can you truly inspire others to become better. Only then can you truly lead by example. This is not about being selfish. This is about recognizing that you can't pour from an empty cup. This is about understanding that you can't light the way for others if your own light is dim. So, let's redefine selflessness. Let's make it about becoming the best we can be so we can better serve others. Let's make it about leading by example and inspiring others to do the same. Let's make it about creating a ripple effect of positive change. Because that, my friend, is the true meaning of selflessness. Becoming the man who can serve the world to his greatest potential. It's not nearly as much about what you do as it is about why you do it. #morningmotivational

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