The concept of prayer is a way to reach out to God and ask for strength, blessings, and the things we need in life.
But you have to realize that when you pray for something, God is not just going to hand it to you.
Instead, he will give you the challenges and obstacles in your life that will mold you into the man who deserves it, and only then can he create it for you.
If you're facing difficulties and challenges, ask yourself what you have prayed for.
These challenges will shape you into the man who can have what you've asked for.
Prayer only works if you do.
It's not a handout.
It's not a free pass.
So many men float through their lives asking when they'll get a break or "why me," instead of being thankful for the opportunity to learn the hard lessons earned through their tribulations.
You would not be the man you are today without your hardships.
And prayer alone will never be enough for you to have the life you want to create.
Prayer doesn't work unless you do.
If you want to become the man you want to be, understand that the person you'll become will be vastly different from who you are today.
Look at your life over the past few years or even the past decade.
Are you the same person you were 10 years ago?
If your life has remained stagnant, my guess is you haven't made much progress toward your goals.
Growth requires change, meaning your identity, your friends, your inner circle, and even the things you care about will all change.
That's okay.
When these things shift, it's a sign that you're growing, improving, and becoming a better version of yourself.
If you want more out of life, you must first ask yourself what you truly want.
Be specific about your goals and then evaluate what specific action you're doing to get there and what actions are stopping you.
Have the integrity to have these difficult conversations with yourself, the discipline to align your actions with your goals, and the awareness to monitor your progress in real-time.
You must lead your life, not let life lead you.
You get to pick your cards, but the cards worth having require hard work, discipline, grit, and determination.

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