You want to know the secret to raising strong, emotionally intelligent children? It's in the way you, as a father, interact with their mother. Your children are watching. They're learning from your actions, your words, your reactions. They're absorbing how you treat their mother, how you handle conflict, and how you express love and respect. You want to raise emotionally healthy children? Show them what unconditional love looks like. Love their mother fiercely, consistently, without condition. And equally important: Moms, let them witness their mother's unconditional respect and honor for their father. Let them see you standing by his side, supporting his decisions, and respecting his role as a father. This mutual respect and honor is a crucial part of the equation. This is the model they'll carry into their own relationships. This is the standard they'll set for their own behavior. So, fathers, if you want to raise emotionally healthy children, start at home. Start with how you treat their mother. Because they're watching, they're learning, and they're following in your footsteps. The greatest gift you can give your children is not material possessions, but a healthy, loving relationship with their mother. That's the foundation for their emotional health, their happiness, and their success in life. Your children are watching. And they're counting on you. #MorningMotivational

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