Imagine yourself walking into a room and you do like most men do.

You size up the room.

What are my threats, where are the exits, you're processing information and it's second nature.

While you're doing that you're also placing yourself in a pecking order of the strongest men there.

This is also instinct.

They don't have to say anything, you don't have to say anything - a man's presence speaks volumes about who he is at the core.

I think kids these days call it "big dick energy."

That BDE emanates through everything you do as a man.
Everything you touch.

When you're confident, your relationship with your wife is stronger, the relationships with your kids are better, your performance at work increases, and you feel better about yourself.

When you lack confidence, the wolves can smell it from a mile away.

And you're quickly placed on their short list of potential victims.

As a man, you should have confidence that commands respect.

You should be confident that you can protect the ones you love, provide for your family, and be a role model for every person around you.

Mediocrity is the enemy you need to defeat it... for good.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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