I took my sons to get haircuts this weekend.

I've been having the same guy cut my hair for 10 years - we show up every week or two and get our cuts, I get my beard trimmed, and we go on our way.

I'm teaching my sons to take care of themselves take pride in the way they look, be proud of how they feel about themselves, and make the effort to show up every day as the best version of themselves.

Everything I do is intentional.

I said this yesterday and I'll say it again - your sons should look to their father and strive to live up to being the man that you are when they grow up.
My goal is to give them the tools they need so they can be better than I ever was.

Gentlemen. You may not have control over some of the things that happen in your life. But the one thing you can always control is how you show up.

Work Harder.
Be Better.

The best way to guarantee that new job? Overdress and overprepare for the interview.

The best way to keep a customer or client? Overdeliver in every aspect of your work.

The best way to be fulfilled in your relationships? Give more than you take.

The world is watching and they're passing their judgments regardless of what you do.

But when you create confidence in your presence, work ethic, attitude, and abilities - and you live in integrity with the man you are instead of from arrogance as the man you tell yourself you are, it becomes a shield.

Those judgments become irrelevant.

That's why I place so much stress on taking care of your body and being healthy.

Give me one respectable business or job where it pays to be overweight, sloppy, or unhealthy?

Your success starts with how you treat yourself.

Wake up, Lion. Lead your family from the front.

Stay vigilant and on track this week,

- Josh

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