To achieve our goals and lead a successful life, we need to be courageous and make efforts to pursue our desires as men. However, more often than not, we choose to remain comfortable and safe in our comfort zones.

Why do we do that?

It's simply because that's where we find the most security and ease.

Nevertheless, I must say that the most significant injustice our mothers ever gave us was telling us to be careful.

It's imperative to have a healthy dose of fear in our lives; otherwise, we won't challenge ourselves enough to grow.

It's easy to get caught up in the routine of life and remain static without making any advancement.

Even the likes of you, who conscientiously work on personal development, go to the gym, and follow the coaching regimen. But, it's still possible to stay stuck in that space.

You're standing in a fixed location.

If you're not making progress, then what are you doing? You're only regressing.

Hence, the best way to tell whether you're moving forward in life is when you feel like you're taking daily steps towards conquering your fear.

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