In today's world, there is a lack of strong, masculine men who are stepping up to take on leadership roles and show others how things should be done. This is leading to a society that is being raised in a place of tolerance and acceptance, without a clear understanding of what it means to be a man.

One area where this lack of strong, masculine men is particularly apparent is in the role of fatherhood. In the past, if a father was unable to properly raise and teach his sons, they would be sent to live with a competent uncle or family member. Nowadays, women are often left to teach men how to be men, which is not the natural order of things.

One of the key areas where this lack of masculine guidance is being felt is in the realm of sexuality. Women are being told that being promiscuous and indulging in their sexual desires is empowering, but this is not the case. In reality, giving away their dignity to men in this way only serves to disempower them.

In order to truly empower women, we need to return to a world where women are valued and respected, and where their fathers and other strong, masculine men play a crucial role in protecting and guiding them. This means returning to a world where fathers vet potential suitors and where women are not allowed to make decisions about their sexuality without the input and guidance of their fathers and other strong men in their lives.

By returning to this natural order, we can create a world where women are truly empowered and where men are able to step up and take on the roles of leadership and protection that are their birthright. Only then can we create a society that is truly balanced and healthy.

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