The bench press has been a long-standing staple exercise use to measure upper body strength. As one of the most popular chest and strength exercises, many want to increase their maximum weight. To do this, you must focus on building a solid foundation of technique and form to help you skyrocket your performance while helping you to avoid unwanted injury.

In this guide, I provide you five, easy to implement tips to help you establish that foundation for your bench press, which will help you to achieve instant and safe results in increasing your strength all while helping you to improve your muscle growth.

During this video, you'll learn how to properly position your body in preparation for the bench press, properly set your grip, correct shoulder, elbow, and foot positioning, perform a safe and effective lift-off, and correctly perform the repetition in a way that will help you to increase your power and overall strength while bench pressing.

Stay tuned for my next video which will discuss other accessory exercises that you can implement in your training to help improve strength and performance during not just your bench press, but your other upper body and chest exercises.

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