Your Purpose as a Man Should Come Before Anything Else

God, purpose, family – in that order.

Today’s society flips this around.

You tend to put kids or even the job before everything, including your wife and God.

This misalignment can devastate long-term relationships.

Imagine spending 10-15 years putting your kids first, only to find out you no longer have a connection with your spouse once they leave.

It’s a sobering reality for many.

By then, you barely know who you are, and the relationship with your wife may feel obsolete.

You don’t even remember how to spend quality time alone together anymore.

And let’s be real, your connection with God could be non-existent by then.

Meanwhile, you’re stuck in a cycle of working just to pay bills and maintain a life you don’t even love.

The Core of This Problem? Not Putting Your Purpose First

Ask yourself: How are you serving the world?

What pursuits ignite your passion?

Who are you striving to become?

Your wife’s role should complement your journey with love, nurturing, intimacy, and unwavering support.

This isn’t merely about serving yourself; it’s about serving the greater good.

When your wife sees the positive impact you’re creating, she’ll admire you more.

She’ll take pride in being part of your journey, proud to be the mother of your children and, equally important, your wife.

She’ll want to stay because you're heading in a purposeful direction.

If This Hits Home

And you’re seeking to realign your life and relationships by prioritizing your purpose, consider discussing actionable strategies.

Understanding where you need to focus can make a world of difference in both personal and professional domains.

For those serious about making this transformation, there’s always a conversation to be had – aligning your purpose with the life you desire can be a game-changer.

How you serve, what you pursue, and who you aim to be – let’s get that sorted.

Limited availability ensures each journey is personalized.

Take the step towards a purpose-driven life.

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