There was an article that I read today from the New York Times, and this is was it said:


The Biden administration extended the pause on federal student loan pay payments on Tuesday after Republican Legal Challenges.


Temporarily halted President Biden's plans to cancel up to $20,000 in debt for millions of borrowers. The payments, which had been set to resume on January 1st, could now be delayed until September 1st. Conveniently, the White House tries to fend off lawsuits over the program, which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates could cost 400 billion.


Republican special interests and elected officials sued to deny this relief even to their constituents. President Biden said, in a video released on Twitter, "it isn't fair to ask tens of millions of borrowers eligible for relief to resume their student debt payments while the courts consider the lawsuit."  


According to the education department, which owns and manages the government student debt portfolio, borrowers will resume payment 60 days after the court cases have been resolved. Payments were resumed if the courts had not resolved the issue by June 30th, 2023. Sixty days after that, which is September 1st, across the United States, 45 million people owe 1.6 trillion for federal loans taken out for college. More than Americans owe on any consumer debt other than a mortgage. x


These next two paragraphs are most important


The decision to extend the payments pause is the latest chapter in what has become one of the more intensely debated policies of the Biden White House. One that Mr. Biden has said it is necessary to address economic disparities, but critics have described it as an unfair giveaway that will fuel inflation. Mr. Biden's plan has become bogged down in lawsuits backed by Republican politicians and conservative advocacy groups.


The administration last week asked the Supreme Court to take up the issue. An injunction issued by the US Court of Appeals for the eighth circus circuit in response to the law to a lawsuit filed by six Republican-LED states has blocked the government from moving forward with Mr. Biden's plan.


Right. So basically, what's happening right now is Joe Biden tried to convince Congress to legislate. Student loan forgiveness is going through Congress.


There is now an act called the Student Loan Forgiveness Under the Heroes Act of 2003. And basically, what the Heroes Act does is it gives the President the authority to waive or modify any statutory or regular regulatory provision that applies to federal student loans under the Higher Education Act.


This can only occur during a declared national emergency, such as a pandemic or war. So I'm fairly certain this is what they use to put the, or. President Trump used to put a pause on student loan payments during covid. 


And so now, now basically what they're saying is, Hey, Joe, if you're going to forgive the debt, all you have to use is this uses this heroes act to leverage the C situation and forgive that debt.


The problem is that most Republicans are saying, Hey, look, you shouldn't just forgive $10,000 per person. You should forgive up to 50K or even everything, that's what Democrats are saying, and Joe Biden's saying, if we do this through the Heroes Act, there will be some problems with the Supreme Court.


Republicans are gonna throw a fit, so how about we just have Congress legislate something that gives me the authority or authorizes the forgiveness of this debt? Here's the part that he's leaving out. 


There an act called the Higher Education Act. And the Higher Education Act is specific to federal Student Aid. That's what it's for. This central statute governs most of the federal student aid system. And in this, there is language that specifically, gives the President broad authority to quote and cancel student debt through the Secretary of Education.


A presidential administration can enforce pay, compromise, WA, or release any right title, claim, lean, or demand, however acquired, including any equity or any right of redemption according to the statute. Any exercise of this compromise Authority shall be final and conclusive upon all accounting and other officers of the government.


That is very specific. This Higher Education Act says that the President has executive authority to cancel any debt associated with Federal Student Aid. So why are we over here two weeks after the midterm with articles released by the New York Times, CBS, NBC, you name it, saying that Republicans are blocking the implementation of thorough student aid forgiveness, or, excuse me, student debt forgiveness.


Why would the White House pursue a pathway to student loan forgiveness that required bipartisan approval when it was authorized already and legislated and approved for his executive authority to grant that stay? 


Does anybody know how or why they would do that? Why are they even having this conversation with the Supreme Court?


Why are they going through the court of Appeals and state-level, district court, or federal courts? 


They're using this pathway because they know now that the right has secured control of the House of Representatives. There's no way on God's green Earth that right-wing conservatives who have control of the House of Representatives are gonna legislate $1.7 trillion worth of money being printed by the Fed, knowing that we are at a 75-year high in inflation, knowing that in the real estate industry has come to a standstill, mortgage interest rates that are at 8% and these idiots are planning on printing almost 2 trillion more. 


So what are they going to do? They're gonna slow the roll. We have the 2024 election coming. We're gonna push this thing to the Supreme Court and get and say, Hey, we're not gonna do anything about this until September 1st, 2023. Now, we're solving this problem when until the campaign starts for the 24 elections.


So we're taking this, we're pointing the finger at Republicans, were pointing the finger at right-wing advocacy groups. We're not delivering on what we said we would deliver, even though we have the executive power to do so. So, 18 months from now, we can say, Hey, we tried to do this. And here we are again with all these students looking to buy and have somebody pay for their vote.


So you guys need to pay close attention to this type of stuff that's happening because we didn't see a wave for two reasons. A red wave in Congress this year is for two reasons. The first is because right-wing voters historically have a very bad voter turnout rate. Doesn't it make sense?


And the second reason is that left-wing voters continue to fall for the same bullshit over and over. We're now two elections where these people have been fooled into believing their student loans are beginning to be forgiven. Do you think they're gonna fall for a third? I do. If they didn't think we were gonna, they were gonna fall for a third, they wouldn't be already pointing the finger at the right for them not getting the $10,000 that was promised.


Not a penny has been given; they've been campaigning on this for over two years, and not a single person has gotten help with those student loans. Still, they've already given their votes, and here we are in a situation where Democrats continue to vote to be oppressed.



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