Did you guys know that a county accounts for almost 50% of all the votes in Arizona?

Maricopa County is in central Arizona surrounding Phoenix, which accounts for over 4 million Arizona citizens. Four and a half million people call it home. And more than half of that entire, which accounts for more than half of the whole population of Arizona. If you guys recall, about two and a half or about two years ago, Arizona was one of the major swing states in the 2020 election.

Despite Maricopa County being historically Republican, it favored Joe Biden, ultimately leading to Arizona's electoral votes being given to Joe. And later on, they found nine cases, nine specific instances of election fraud, that were prosecuted from that election, all from Maricopa County.

Ultimately media kind of swept that under the rug and said, Hey, look, these nine isolated incidences can't count, influence, or prove wrongdoing for the other 3.4 million votes in that county. There's no way, so they proved that there was election fraud during the 2020 election in the state of Arizona, in Maricopa County.

I don't know if you remember this, but this was a big deal. Trump was jumping up and down, filing injunctions in federal courts, petitioning the government, saying they needed to investigate. Nothing was done. Now, there was just an article released today, and the first two paragraphs read:

Jennifer Wright on Saturday demanded Maricopa County officials produce an accounting of ballads alleged allegedly stuffed in black duffle bags during the tabulation process in November. It was part of the state's election Integrity Unit issued a letter demanding Thomas Liddy of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.
Look into the alleged co-mingling of ballots and black duffle bags at polling locations throughout the county that were transferred to the election departments in Phoenix because Maricopa County could not properly count them, allegedly due to tabulation and ballot printer errors. So here's the quote.
Due to the widespread problems and non-uniform printer configuration settings, many voters could not tabulate their ballots on election day using onsite tabulators. Instead, voters were instructed to Bo to deposit their ballot and door three. According to Statements by Chairman Gates Recorder Richer and Maricopa County Official Communications Door, three ballads were transported to Maricopa County Tabulation and centered on being tabulated by the High Pro 8 21 or canon G 1130 tabulators at Central Count.


Let me kind of talk about this. 

They're saying there were several locations in Maricopa County where they said that the pr and the tabulators weren't able to properly tabulate the ballads because of an error with the printer configuration settings that they used to print the ballads with.

So what happened was is all of those sites where they had issues with the tabulation or the counting of those votes, they had the voters slide their ballot inside of door three, and then an unknown person put all those ballads inside of black duffle bags with no control, no security, no chain of custody, no nothing, and transported those to Phoenix's Central Tabulation office to have those votes counted.

That's why it took Arizona so long to count all their votes. How many times does there have to be an issue with something as simple as counting votes? Why is it that we don't have an online decentralized voting system that isn't contracted by a private for-purchase contract as we do now? Before the American public loses their confidence in our voting system.

You'd think that something as simple as, or something as important as counting the votes that dictate election and dictate our elected officials. There would be more controls in place with how those votes are counted, how secure they are, how it's processed, the identification that comes into play, et cetera.

But it seems like every time we have an election, there's an issue with the votes being counted, the votes being transported, the votes, the system not working, and people unilaterally making the decision that they're just gonna do it the way, however they feel like it. And conveniently, those places that are consistently having issues are always the ones that are going to ultimately dictate the outcome of these major elections.

This is a problem and why is nobody saying anything? 

Why is this not the FBI's highest priority? Instead, we're learning about what's happening with our elections' outcomes. 

Honestly, I'm kind of in a place where I feel like we need to undergo a legitimate transparency on exactly how this process works and how they're counting votes. I feel like with technology today, there would be more controls and more security in place to prevent things like this from happening.

Yet here we are still allowing the same story, the same mistakes to occur year after year and literally, nobody's doing anything about it. 

Now that I'm seeing how polarized our country is and how important it is to understand what's happening in the government and the legal system and Congress and what's occurring in our country, you can see there's widespread literal manipulation that's occurring.

The majority of the American public is completely blind to it. They're living in this world where they're honestly convinced that their vote counts. This makes me very, very weary of why I am even bothering to even go vote. And on the one hand, I'm over here stressing that it's important to vote as a leader in the community that we're in.

You need to vote, and express that the most basic duty you have to your country is to vote. Now here we are seeing this, and it's literally degrading my confidence in that system. 

It's frustrating and I don't know if I'm the only one who feels that way.

I figured I would go on here because I think it's important that we as a community, as a country, and as people, generally speaking, stress the importance and really make an effort to be part of a solution rather than just turn a blind eye because it's not our problem. These people are getting away with complete and utter absolute fraud without consequence.

And it blows my mind.

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